Wednesday, September 16

KayLee's picture day 2009-2010

Just had to share my beautiful daughter with you guys! Even after she cut all of her hair off, SEE THIS POST HERE ABOUT THAT, her smile still shines and makes her prettier than ever! You may need to click on the second picture to see it, but her jeans have SPARKLES in them! So cute! I wish they could have gotten THAT into the picture!

While I love ALLLL of my four children, I am so glad that I got at least my one daughter. Although there is DAILY DRAMA, she really brings me so much love and sweetness. When I am sad, she pats my leg, when I am upset, she tells me it will be 'okay'. I am so blessed to have her.

Love you, KayLee Jeanne!


Carolyn King said...

she is ADORABLE!!!!!!!! What a pretty gal--love the pink and those fun earrings--they look great with her hair!

Sandy said...

Isn't she a sweetie! That awesome smile from ear to ear!

Melyssa said...

How sweet is KayLee??? Love her new doo. I love the close-up photo! Perfect for a scrapbook page.

KJ said...

She is looking so grown up!