Friday, February 26

The BEST BIRTHDAY EVAH with pictures!

Seriously, I just had the best birthday EVER and would just love to share it with you if you can tolerate a lot of jibber jabber!!!!!!!!  AND PLEASE, when you are done reading this entirely too long post, that you share your favorite birthday with me!!  I would love to hear it!

My hubby surprised me by taking the day off of work today and he even arranged a babysitter for our youngest, so we could spend the day together ALONE!  Maybe I should first clarify that we never ever ever spend time alone.  We live in a town where neither one of us has ANY family whatsoever.  I mean, like, NOT ONE.  So, we can't just drop the kids off at 'grandma's' and have a date night, you know what I mean?  And, we are both too tight to spend money on a babysitter to get some time alone.  But, after today, I think we might do it once a month, or every other month!  Because I honestly can not tell you how many times today that I have said, "This is the BEST BIRTHDAY EVAH!" and I am sure it has a lot to do with just being able to spend time alone and enjoy each other's company!!!! 

Wanna hear how the day has gone so far???

Let me first tell you that he let me sleep in!  YEP, he did kid/school duty!  That is not fun and not an easy task, let me tell ya.  Did I mention that we have ONE bathroom and three kids still at home?  7, 6, 4... and ONE bathroom, need I say more?  Besides KayLee not getting her teeth brushed, it went off without a hitch!
Scott took them to school, took Isaac to the babysitter and then took me away to Evansville, which is about an hour away.  First we hit Hobby Lobby!  I got tons of scrapbook papers by My Mind's Eye, some glitter brads, two embossing folders and two Copic markers!  {I didn't think it could get better!}  WELL, I was wrong!  He then took me to Dick Blick Art Supply!  I got 9, YES NINE, more Copics!!  WOOHOO!  I think they have ALL of the colors on display at their new store [insert giggle here]!  That was sooooooo awesome drooling over all the colors!! 

Once we finished there, we were getting pretty hungry, so we headed to my favorite restaurant EVAH, Rafferty's!  OH MY, their house salad is to die for and I had the prime rib with Au Jus!  OH MY GOSH, and I even added some Garlic Mashed potatoes! YUM!  We were going to have the cheesecake, but I just couldn't do it!  Scott had to finish my steak for me!  HA!

After we let our tummies settle, we headed for the mall!  Just Bath and Body Works, that's all we had time for since I spent too much time drooling over those Copics!  LOL!  I HAD to go to Bath & Body Works, you see, because I had a coupon for a free item, albeit a travel size!  I will take anything free!  Well, I ALSO had a 20% coupon off my entire purchase AND they were having a 'Buy 3, get 2 FREE' special, SO I TOTALLY indulged on that!  HEEHEE!  I got two of my favorite Velvet Tuberose Body Washes, another in Black Amethyst, a Black Amethyst Body Spray and a Black Raspberry Body Spray!! OH and my travel size item I got a new 'flavor' White Citrus body spray!!   OH MY GOSH, I forgot to tell you that I even bumped into two of my long time gal pals, Karen Skorge and Kiley Martin!  They were kidless today and decided to head to Evansville, too!!  So, it was great to see them and share my day with them and let my hubby soak in all the glory!  LOL!

Before we left Evansville, Honey, (if you don't know, I NEVER call Scott by his name.  I always call him Honey, or call him Daddy when talking in front of the kids) ....tried talking me into the Pie Company for a gourmet coffee and slice of dessert, but I was still so full so I refrained!  We had a nice hour drive home talking about 'us stuff', like our future plans and the possibility of us getting a larger home if we decide to stay in Jasper for more than five years.  After we got home, I retrieved the mail and had NO BILLS!  AND I got a card from one of my sister-in-laws, Jodi!  That was so supah sweet of her to remember me, especially since her birthday was five days ago and (although I didn't forget her birthday) I failed to send her a card!  I KNOW, I KNOW!  I am a cardmaker that forgets to send cards! 

I had 15 minutes to spare before the kids got off the bus and Honey went to get Isaac at the babysitter's, so I checked my email!  Well, it was just full of emails (some forwarded from Facebook) wishing me "Happy Birthday" from friends, design team gals and family!  Even my oldest son, Josh, who's in college told me he loved me!  That made me cry happy tears as he doesn't elaborate too often  how he feels, being of the male-gender and all! 

But wow, let me tell you that this is at the top of the charts as far as birthdays go!  I do not know of a happier day!  I feel loved, I feel appreciated, I feel like I did when I dated Scott, and that was the best time of my life!  I don't know what tonight holds for us, but I can't think of a better way of finishing it off than with some crafting!  I have a few orders that HAVE to be done tomorrow, so I will be working on those, and then after that I get to pack! 

Tomorrow, we are extending the birthday fun with a 12 hour Crop!  YEP, along with another 8 or so girls, I am headed to a Susan G Komen fundraiser CROP!  There are over $3,000 of prizes to be won!  I am taking my Copics and digis that are printed out on cardstock already and COLORING ALL DAY!!!! WOOHOOOO! 

AND as I write this at near half past four o'clock, my honey just told me that my birthday present didn't make it in the mail on time. He KNOWS how much I love Eddie Bauer jeans (they are the only jeans that fit nice on my baby-stretched body!) and he ordered me a gift card using our Visa reward points!  So, now I even have that coming!!!  Seriously!  I am in tears!  I just can't express how blesssed I feel today!

I am the first to admit that my life is NOT like this at all everyday.  Honey and I disagree, of course, and I am by no means a perfect wife, to say the least!  But for him to go and do all of this for me today after some of the stuff I have put him through, not only means so much to me, but amazes me as well!  Thank YOU, HONEY!!!  Well, thanks for letting me share my birthday with you!  I really just had to tell you guys what a wonderful day I have had and hope that this sweetness continues!!  And don't forget that I would love to hear your favorite birthday, too, if you would like to share it!



Alicia a.k.a. Crafty Al said...

Nicole, that DOES sound like a fantastic birthday!!! So glad you had a nice day with your 'Honey' (I call my DH that too) and enjoy using your new goodies. *hugs*

Rachel said...

Nicole sounds like everything went perfectly!! :0) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and enjoy all your fabulous goodies!!
Rachel :0)

Leah said...

Oh Nicole, what a fabulous, blessed day you had! And are still having:) I am so happy for you! A very happy birthday to you!

Carolyn King said...

What an awesome day! Your hubby is so sweet to plan such a great glad you had fun! Wishing you the best birthday weekend ever. Have fun at your crop! hugs and many birthday hugs coming your way!

Ceal said...

Wow Nicole you were spoiled today as you should b. I am happy that you and honey (that is my DH's name as well) got to spend the day together W/O kids. My DH is gone for 2 weeks to California for work and when he returns he has promised me a movie,and said it could be a chick flick :)

Micki said...

awww Nicole, your hubby is so sweet and I am sooooo glad you had the best BD evahhhh! You deserve it. Your post was by no means boring.... you have a gift for writing.... You enjoy the rest of your birthday sweetie!!!

big hugs to you and your hubby! He needs to give mine some lessons :-)


Nancy said...

WOW Nicole,
What a fantastic Day!!!

Big Birthday Hugs to YOU!!!

It's Me, Nikki (NCSUnikki) said...

Oh Nicole, what a wonderful day! I am so happy you had a fantastic birthday! Sending you BIG GIANT BIRTHDAY WISHES! xxxHugsxxx Nikki

Sheila said...

Happy, happy birthday!!

Melyssa said...

Wow Nicole what a wonderful day!! You are so lucky to have a husband who knows you so well!! I mean he hit all your sweet spots. hehehe
I'm so glad your day was so amazing, you deserve it! Now go colour something. hahahaha

Lynne in NI said...

awww isn't your hubby an absolute sweetie! And all that crafty goodness too!
So glad you had a great birthday, and hope you enjoy your crop today!
Thanks for sharing your happy day with us!

~*Joni said...

We love Scott!! How awesome that you were spoiled as you should be Nicole!! Happy Belated Birthday, you sound like you are floating on cloud 9 with all the love and sweetness that enveloped you yesterday. Have fun today at the crop and playing with all of your goodies!! You deserve it hun!

Donna E. said...

nicole, belated happy birthday girl.. like joni said, you deserve all the happiness :) love yah, girl! :)

Candace said...

You really did have a wonderful birthday! I am so happy for you! :) Yay for fun new goodies!