Sunday, February 14

Eli's Valentine's Day Project

Happy Valentine's Day!  I thought it only fair to post Eli's project on Valentine's Day since I posted KayLee's card she made ON Christmas day!  When Eli found out that KayLee got a post on this blog on Christmas day, he was kinda jealous, believe it or not!  SO, when his teacher sent home this heart shaped piece of paper and told him (and the rest of the class, of course!) that they had to decorate their hearts, he told me to put it on my blog on Valentine's Day!  How cute is that!?

The rules were NO crayons and NO pencil colors and that the parent wasn't allowed to do it for them!  Eli and I worked on this one evening and we had so much fun!  I pulled out the ONLY Valentine's papers that I had and cut them into 3x3 squares.  Eli scattered them around and layered them to cover the heart's edges.  I told him to go PAST the edges, and then we turned it over so he could cut against the white heart shape!!  EASY! 

I then let Eli go through my craft room and showed him different embellishments he may want to use.  When he found the faceted flowers, he went crazy!  And then the jar of buttons was raided!  FUN!  I taught him about clusters of three's and then we were able to find small, medium and large sizes in sets, too!  I pulled out some twine and asked him if he wanted those in his buttons and he did, but he said only a bow in the big ones, just knots in the others... it was really interesting to me that he knew what he wanted off the bat.  I think he has been hanging out in my craft room too much!

It was his idea to put the clear button over the "O" in Love (near the left/center of the heart) and it was also his idea to use flowers in a 3, 5, 3, 5 etc pattern around the edge of the heart, too.  I would have never come up with that one.  OH, and the final and PERFECT touch to this was the center of those paper flowers!  I told him to pick out a color of STICKLES for the center of the flowers.  Well, the boy picked green!  I have always hated green centers in flowers, I mean, how many flowers do you know that have GREEN centers?  Am I right?  Well, not this time.  I was wrong, this color was not even in the coordinating papers, but WOW, the green was AWESOME!  It was a great accent to his Valentine Heart!  So, you have to give it to Eli, he really knew his stuff!  By the way, Eli is the one that laid out all of his clusters of flowers, buttons and rhinestones!  I just had to be the one to glue it all up since it got late and he had to go to bed!  HA!

Didn't he do great!?  I think so!

Scott is out of town with the kids putting windows in at his Grandma's house, so I am spending Valentine's alone, but am getting a ton of crafting and cleaning done!  AND Scott did manage to surprise me with some caviar that I have been craving for over 10 years!  I only had it once, but loved it, and he actually remembered that and gave me an entire jar Friday before he headed up north!  SO SWEET!  I hope you are having an awesome Valentine's Day!

See you tomorrow!


ThePurplePlace said...


Your heart PROJECT is amazing!

I am very impressed and think you did a wonderful project!

Congratulations on being POSTED on your Mom's Blog too! :)

Korin said...

FABULOUS, Eli! Nicole, Eli is just adorable! He looks like his momma :). He inherited more than your good looks it seems :).