Monday, October 22

Getting Ready!

Hey there! I am so getting ready for the two shows coming up in November. I finished off some bracelets, made some special Christmas cards that I will tell you more about in a few weeks and attempted to take some photos of the finished bracelets to show off to the lampwork designers. Then my lighting decided to dwindle for the 2nd time today! UGH! OH WELL, I will try again tomorrow. I am off to make some more Christmas cards, and when my lighting gets fixed I will take some pics and post them for you. I am so excited to have found my niche in the beading world. I love 'my' lampwork bead makers that I have found and am super excited to share their talent with others!

I can't wait to be able to post some new items for sale. I have to wait until after the shows, but believe me, they will be well worth the wait! I have been coming up with some really awesome bracelets, designed bead by bead BY ME! The lampwork (handmade glass) beads are awesome! They make assembling the bracelets SO easy! Just you wait till you see the lovely baubles yourself!

Check back soon for an update on what is new for you!

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