Tuesday, June 23

Jen's Mystery Plant!

My lampwork artist-friend, Jen, has this flowering plant growing in her yard... ANYONE know what it is? I have consulted my gardening/paper-crafter friend, Kathleen Paneitz, to take a looksie at it; so hopefully we will have this mystery solved soon!

Josh and I are back from college orientation! Josh has his schedule and is ready to go for the most part! I will post something crafty and new soon!
See y'all tomorrow!


Jenna Cotton said...

I don't know, but how pretty!

Kathleen said...

Hi Nicole! Thanks for thinking so highly of my gardening knowledge, I really don't consider myself an expert at all tho!! I'm not 100% certain but I'm thinking the mystery plant is St Johns Wort? Maybe have your friend look it up? If that's not it, I'm stumped! It's not something I have in my garden.

Nikki said...

Hi I believe your mystery plant is "Evening Primrose" I have it in my back yard 1st year the yellow flowers are all at the top and 2nd year along the stem also
They Spread great and are easy to divide :)Mine are flowering just now because they are in a shady spot I move mine all over the place.
Hope that helps