Friday, June 26

Pepsi & Eli

In case you hadn't heard, Eli broke his arm. He fractured his humorous to be exact. This happened Monday evening when I left to take Josh to IUPUI orientation/registration. He fell out of playground equipment at the baseball field while waiting for KayLee's tball game to start. Well, Scott didn't take him to the doctor on Tuesday; but when I came home Tuesday night I was shocked to see his elbow was swollen two times the normal size.

After I realized Wednesday morning that he could lift his arm out to the side and that he couldn't do a bicep curl, I called the doctor (had to page him as he has Wednesdays off) and Dr. M told me to take him to the hospital right away and so I did. A few hours later, after lunch, and over an hour and 15 in the waiting room, Eli was casted!

He picked purple for his cast, since his Colorado Rockies baseball team ROCKS and that is their tshirt color! LOL! He's finally on the upswing. Yesterday he was still moving pretty slow. The doctor told me that the humorous is usually only able to be fixed with surgery but since his was broke in a certain way, the cast/sling would do. THANK GOODNESS! AND he also said that the humorous is one of the most painful bones to break and that he was shocked that he didn't even wince while being casted, let alone cry! They have seen grown men cry with his type of break!

He has to get a new cast next Wednesday since the swelling will go down and make the cast too loose for proper healing. SO, we have to go back and do it all over again, but hopefully not stay in the waiting room for over an hour this time... we'll see.

AND here's Pepsi, being a trooper while being tormented by the 'crazies'. They put her in the umbrella stroller and pushed her around the house. SO FUNNY! I guess she didn't mind it, as she ended up taking a nap and snoring in the stroller! LOL!

Have a supah day!


Anonymous said...
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A Touch of SOL said...

Aww poor babies...Yes your little one and Pepsi...Wishing his arm heals QUICKLY!

Jenna Cotton said...

Oh, how cute is pepsi sleeping in the stroller!! Eli seems to be quite the trooper showing up those grown men!! I hope he has a speedy recovery!!