Tuesday, March 9

KayLee's Kitty!

I just had to share a card my daughter made for her friend, Haley, in her class.  KayLee has really shown a natural talent for coloring, too!  I think she loves crayons more than I do!  I had stamped this image a few months back with stazon, I believe, and I gave her my watercolor pencils after showing her how to use them first.

I left her alone and she used the pencils to color in the image and then I went over it with a blender pen!  She really listened to my directions because she used the same dark gray pencil color for the kitty and the pail!  I asked her how she did the two different colors of gray and she said that with the kitty she just colored very lightly!  She got it!  I love how she used two different greens on the pail to make it look like it was shaded and round!  She's been hanging around my desk, I think!

As for the layout, these were some of the scraps that were left over from my card yesterday!  She put them together and I showed her some corner punches to choose from and taught her about using a main color, a secondary color and an accent color.  So, she picked out the blue centers of the flowers and blue swirls in the card to be the accent and chose orange as the lesser of the two colors to be the secondary. 

I also taught her about balance and the rule of using '3's' in design.  She placed these flowers herself and chose the light color ribbon to match the paper!  Yep, she's GOOD! HAHA!

KayLee says she wants to be an art teacher some day!  I think she may just be headed in the right direction!

Enjoy your day!

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Sandy said...

This is adorable!!! She did a wonderful job!