Thursday, August 13


For those of you who are wanting to see the "AFTER" of the "BEFORE PIC" POST from yesterday, here you are!
She may look happy now, but let me tell ya, she nearly CRIED when she saw all of her hair cut off!
And, after all that, she gets a sucker!!!!
Miss Julie DOES have magic scissors and managed to cut off her mullet and make KayLee into a MINI-ME !!!! Well, she doesn't really look like me at all, she's the feminie-spitting-image of her father, but at least she has a short, cute hairstyle like mine!
At least for now.... until she cuts it again!


Amy S said...

AWE-she did a great job!!

Karen Hanim said...

Found your blog via "I Like Markers" blog. Just read about your daughters hair and it was a trip down memory lane. Looks like you have great stuff here and I will be back often!

Anonymous said...

She looks gorgeous.. it really suits her petite little face!

Susan Timmerman said...

CUTE! I love her new "do"!