Thursday, August 20

Josh's Farewell pics! {sniff, sniff....}

This is another post that is mostly for my long distance family that wasn't here to see Josh off to college. SO, if you aren't interested, just tune back in tomorrow to see the NEW Whimsie Doodles Sketch! It is awesome and one you surely don't want to miss!

Now on to the send~off!

Here's me and Josh... {{ NOTICE I AM NOT CRYING! }}

Below is my Hubby, Josh's step-dad. I am not sure if he is happy to see him heading to college or not. Those college fees are going to kill us!
Ok, here's three of KayLee... NOT taking Josh's leaving well at all!
Still sad......
NOT getting over it....
Isaac wasn't a fan of him leaving either.....
But he took it better than KayLee.....
And here's the surprise.... I thought Eli would be more upset that his PS2 buddy was leaving. But, then again, I should have known. He had a baseball bat and ball in his hand the whole time. Nothing makes him happier than that!
Here's a cute family pic of the kids!
This is us caravanning out of town... I looked back through the van and took this pic of him at Bretzville.
Josh just HAD to get that computer up and running, first thing... duh.
YEP, he's online and about to check email, then facebook, then my blog... (yeah, right!)
I wasn't sure if the first picture was very good or not when Scott took it, so we decided to take one of ourselves before we left!! This one is cute, huh? I am gonna put it on his facebook for all of his friends to see! HAHA!
Well, he must have survived his first day away today. No emergency phone calls yet! LOL! I am still 'down' about him being away but am happy for him, too! I love you, Josh!
Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see the WHIMSIE DOODLES SKETCH!!
Enjoy your night!


Crafty Engineering said...

Wow I cannot even imagine sending a child off to college...that has to feel extremely crazy. I am sure (you look it) are so proud of him!

Your younger kids looked adorable all ready for school too in the other post...btw, Kaylee has one of the best pout faces I have ever seen!

Amy S said...

Awe= he looks HAPPY Nicole!!! great the one of Eli with his gear! :) and KayLees pouting face-

Hang in there---he will do fine!!!

Susan Timmerman said...

Congrats to Josh! All of your kids are just adorable (handsome for Josh of course) Nicole! That Kaylee and her pouting face though! PRICELESS!!!! She would get away with murder if she were my child and used that face on me!!!!

Robb_eeie said...

Hey Nicole ~ Love the posting of your family photos :) I'm sure Josh will still need his Mom's aid *wink* as he proceeds through his time away at University.

And I think you're forgetting somthing ... don't you still have those three wild crazies still at home with you, along with Pepsi and DH? heheheheeee More then enough to keep you occupied !!

Wishing Josh loads of success and reminding him [poke poke] to call his Mom on a regular basis =)

Chas said...

Hola chica! I can't believe Josh is off to college! One down-3 more to go (but it will be awhile!). How's the foot doing? Sorry we haven't talked lately-it has been crazy this past week. I am so proud of you not crying-the kiddos look sad-for a brief moment anyway. Talk to you later!
Love ya-C