Friday, August 14


Well, OF COURSE there are BOY FAIRIES! I mean "HOW" do you think all of those girl fairies came about? Do you think they just POOF and appeared out from no where? I would think that some MALE persuasion is helping keep those fairy babies coming, right?

Then again, I guess they could just use their wands and make more fairies... and what female fairy wouldn't want more GIRLfriend~Fairies, opposed to male ones? Hmm... I'm gonna need to ponder this one.

Here's a WONDERFUL WHIMSIE DOODLES ToothFairy BOY that you can see HERE IN THE STORE, available for your digital downloading needs AND paper-crafting FUN!!! Perfect for scrapbooking or cardmaking or even enlarging and sticking in a frame! The papers are from a LSS, like PRECIOUS SCRAPS. Bev just got back from CHA and is soooooooooooon to be stocked with tons of new scrapbook supplies! If there is something you are needing, simply email Bev and see if she can help you out! She's awesome at giving you personal service and going out of her way to give you what you need!

Oh, and yes, I KNOW, my card is on the simple side. But I just couldn't make myself put any ribbon on this, thought it would make it to feminine for a boy-recipient. However, I HAD to bling it up with some GLITTAH. WHY? Well, wouldn't you be really let-down if you saw this little guy coming up from your pillow sham with your tooth and he didn't sparkle with Fairy Dust RADIANCE at least on his wings? Yeah, I thought so! It would be a MAJOR disappointment to me, at least! So, I did his wings and hair up niiiiiiiiiiiice with some Stickles (available at Precious Scraps, too!) and left the rest of him alone. This IS supposed to be for a BOY, you know!

See the 'purty' GLITTAH-detailing?

Don't forget that tomorrow is the big DEBUT DAY for more Whimsie Doodles Digi Images! I have a few great cards to show you and so does the rest of the Doodlelicious Design Team!! I can't wait to show you!! So, hope to see you back in the early morning!!
Hugs and Happy 1st Day of School to my Eli and KayLee! Pics later this afternoon!!
Have a great FRIDAY!


~*Joni said...

hahaha! This is a wonderful intro Nicole! I just had to smile reading through this, very well done. :D Love your card, but you already knew that. ;)

Anonymous said...

Its perfect... no ribbon needed.. those stars are just awesome.

It's Me, Nikki! (aka NCSUnikki) said...

Too funny Nicole! I love your card-- the coloring is perfect! And I love the stars as the embellishments!