Thursday, August 20

Back to School with Eli and KayLee; 2009-2010

This is the first of two personal posts. The one of Josh's college-send-off is next. My hubby and I have exactly ZERO family/relatives where we live, so these posts are for them, really. A blog saves you so much money on printing out pictures to send!

If you want to skip these, just tune in tomorrow for the next paper-post...

Eli began his 2nd grade year and KayLee her 1st grade year last Friday. (They are 12 1/2 months apart for those still continuing to read! LOL!) Sorry, fam, for the late posting, I have been busy with getting Josh prepped for college... Here they are entering their school!

It is a tradition for Scott to sit with the kids in front of the entrance and have their picture taken!
Eli is ready to meet Mrs. Yarbrough!!
And KayLee is ready for Mrs. Guthrie to come and take her to class!
They've had five days of school and so far, so good. Homework with KayLee will be easy this year since it is the exact curriculum as Eli had last year. And, I knew last year that she could do Eli's work even THEN, so this will be easy for her. And, Eli is doing extremely well, since he can read at a 4th grade level (at least)with difficult words and lengthy sentences and can still remember his addition/subtraction from last year. He's gonna fly by the rest of 'em! Well, at least I hope he does!
Stay tuned to see the next post of Josh heading to IUPUI!! If ya don't want to see it, then check in tomorrow morn for the next paper-posting!
See ya in a minute!

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Susan Timmerman said...

Your kids are just too danged cute Nicole!!!!!