Thursday, August 20



Let me shout out a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for the prayers and emails of support! They worked! I barely cried on the way back from Indy yesterday at all! (YEA!!) I think Josh couldn't get rid of me fast enough, though! HAHA!

I will post pics of all the kids later today; I need to get my camera out of the van, but it is raining like crazy, so being on crutches, I think I will wait until later when it brightens up. I also have some Design Team deadlines and a birthday present to make for KayLee to give tonight at a skating party, so the day is gonna be full, but I will get to the pictures as soon as I can.

A special {{THANK YOU}} to my girlfriend Amy, who came over this morning and gave me a sweetly written card (HANDMADE OF COURSE!!) to help me get through the "loss" of Josh to college! It made me cry! I will post her gorgeous card on Saturday for you! The layout is great and you may want to CASE her on it. Thanks, Amy!

Catch you guys later!

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Amy S said...

your welcome! I know how my sisters were when their kids left for the 1st time--I cant imagine-I will be the same way!!!

Figured you needed a SMILE :)