Friday, July 17

Ankle Update

Well, I finally heard from the doctor about my ankle... YEP, a low-grade fracture. Uh, I guess I should have listened to the doctor when he told me that all I had left to do is a bone scan BACK IN APRIL!!!!!! I had a regular x-ray, but sometimes hair-line fractures don't show, and I guess this is true of low-grade fractures, too, unless this is the same as a hairline fracture. I don't know! LOL!

My stubbornness and my (shall we say) "money-conscious" hubby didn't make the decision to get the bone scan EARLIER easy. But, finally after nearly three months, I had had enough of limping when I walk and seeing my ankle swell up like a balloon!

According to my girlie, Kelly, she said that it mustn't be 'that' bad since they aren't concerned about getting me into the doctor right away. I don't even see the Orthopedic surgeon until WEDNESDAY! UGH! Here I finally go and try to take care of it and they put me off!!! It serves me right, though, doesn't it!? HAHA!

Thanks for all of the emails and comments of concern! Looks like I will live after all! HaHa!

Have a great Friday NIGHT!


Amy S said...

Sounds like someone I know!lol :) Hope you find something out!

Susan Timmerman said...

Don't feel bad...I would have put it off too! Now, had it been one of my furry kids...I would have spent whatever it took. But, for can wait!