Friday, July 10

Wanna save some MOOLAH?!

Friday greeted me unkindly. I went to go plug in my cell phone which had a SLIVER of power left and well when I tried to start the charging process I noticed that it basically had NO PLUG. The darned, uh, the 'new' puppy found it and had chewed the end near OFF!

SO, off I went to shop for a new cellphone. I was out of contract so I knew I could get a new cellphone dirt-cheap compared to shoveling out money for another charger that I bet I wouldn't have been able to find since my phone was so old! LOL!

So, the comparative pricing begins..... First I went to AT&, my carrier. SHOPPED for hours, but did find a few that I found really exciting! MP3, Digital Camera with 3.2 Megapixel, the works! After I took KayLee to dance class, Isaac and I went to Walmart to see what their local AT&T in-store site had to compare to. To my surprise I found the THREE phones I had narrowed my search down to (from AT&'s website) right there at Walmart! AND they were even CHEAPER! WOW!

SO, I go home... and got to thinking... walmart DOT COM!!!!!!! SO, I searched Walmart~online for their prices and found that they were even CHEAPER!!! OHMYGOSH! So get this! I got a $399.99 Blackberry Curve 8900 phone for ONLY.... are you ready? .... a $36 activation fee! THAT IS IT! The activation fee at AT&T would have been just $18, but the exact same phone at AT&T would have been $149 if I had bought it through them!!

So, let's do some math here.... $167 at AT& or $36 at Hmm.... NO BRAINER!

ETA: Just saw on this link HERE, which shows the same phone for $499.99!!! OMGosh!

You can also go to, and see nearly the same prices. I guess buddied up with to do a special promotion together, so I had to click a couple of boxes to 'okay' and 'approve' the fact that this was going through somehow, but I checked it out and all of the reviews were fine! OH, and if I had purchased this same phone through directly it would still have been less than AT&T at $100.00, but it was still higher than, GO FIGURE!

SO, all in all I ended up having an AWESOME day! I think saving over $350.00 on something that I use EVERY single day is a STEAL, don't you?? If you would like a $25.00 coupon to use towards a phone at, let me know and I will hook you up! I already sent out a few to my friends, but if you are wanting one, let me know with a comment on this post and I will get'r done ASAP!

I hope you had a wonderful day like I did and I hope your weekend is Da'BOMB!


Amy S said...

WOW~~~ Thanks for the coupon...passing it on to J as I do nothing with it! GO figure I know!! thanks apprecaite it!

Kelly Landers said...

Nicole, I have chosen you to give a special blog award to.

Please visit my blog to receive it!

Sharon Harnist said...

Wow, Nicole -- thanks for the scoop on the BB 8900! I've been waiting until Sept to upgrade from my 8310 to the 8900. I know where I'll get it then! I assume that cheap $36 activation fee is with a 2-yr AT&T service contract? Thanks again!