Sunday, July 26

My Weekend!!

Yes, I married the CUTEST guy with the BEST SMILE! Here's PROOF! LOL!

I am sure you all haven't been on the edge of your seats to know what I did this weekend, but I did tell you that I would have some pics to share! HEE HEE! Don't tell my hubby, but here he is in all of his YOUTHFUL SPLENDOR! HAHA!

We went to his 25 Year Class Reunion this weekend, and BOY how did I have fun! I was sincerely SHOCKED to see how much our Eli really does actually look like Scott. AND here all this time, I thought at least ONE of my four was favoring me instead of their dad! UGH! ;o)

Aren't those dimples to die for?? SO CUTE! Wait a minute, there's really only ONE dimple and that is what our Isaac has! WOW, so weird!

Above: Another Eli-looking pic of Scott in 9th grade.

Above: Here's where I really saw Eli in Scott, it is the cheeks and jaw line, and eyes. OK, well, the entire pic minus the blond!

Above: Here's Scott at 9 years old or so! HAHA! Isn't he just too cute with his JAWS shark from Jeff Kult's birthday party? HAHA!

Above: OH, and it has been confirmed that KayLee looks like him, too, since this could just be KayLee's birth pic instead of Scott's! THOSE EYES! AW!
Well, I hope you all enjoyed seeing Scott in his earlier years, I know I enjoyed snatching these for my blog! Now on to put them on FACEBOOK for the ultimate embarassement, uh, I mean, SHARING! HAHA!
See you all tomorrow!

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