Wednesday, July 8


OK, so I can't find the camera to record a video or even a picture of one of the kids drawing the name out of a pretty bowl, so I resorted to picking a number at random BEFORE looking at the comments.

I took into consideration the 10 added entries, when a person linked the blog candy post to their blog, too! AND, since it was my hubby's and my anniversary, I choose HIS AGE of "43" as the number to count up to!

So, the winner is the one and ONLY, Sharon Harnist by adding the blog post to her blog! Those 10 votes made it happen for her!!


I can't overlook the obvious of my '8th' anniversary, though! So the SURPRISE consolation prize goes to JenMarie!! THANKS for playing, too!

I have both of your addresses already (since Sharon sent me a Blog Candy one time and JenMarie won one from me before!) LOL! All I need now is for Sharon to give me her choice of colors and bracelet size! I will post the bracelet for all to see after Sharon receives it in the mail! She needs to see it first, of course!!

THANK YOU to everyone who played along! I LOVED all of the presents that were chosen for me and my hubby's anniversary from the CSNstores, it was really fun having you all shop for us!

Be sure to put me in your 'Favorites' so you don't miss out on the next Blog Candy!

Have a wonderfully relaxing evening!!


JenMarie said...

Yayy! Thank so much Nicole!
Hope you've enjoyed seeing all your 'virtual' gifts! ;)

Diana Gibbs said...

Congrats to Sharon. Are we gonna see a picture of the candy?

Oh and I never thought to add sugar to the salsa...might have to try it.


Diana Gibbs said...

oops, perhaps if I read the whole post....I see you are gonna show us...


Susan Timmerman said...

WOW...congrats to Sharon and Jen! You ladies are lucky!

Sharon Harnist said...

Thanks again SO much, Nicole ... I can NOT wait to see your fabulous creation!! Hugs!!