Monday, July 13


WOW, What a pleasant thing to get online to tonight! You have to understand that I have been in bed ALL day today since church let out at 10am! MAJOR MIGRAINE going on here! I peeked in on email earlier, but no blog hopping until now! WOW, this migraine was a bad one!

I am no stranger to migraines, but normally they aren't this bad! BUT, I am totally on the UPSWING with this award, my fellow design team member, KELLY LANDERS, has honored me with!! THANKS KELLY! This 'I LIKE YOUR STYLE' award is such an honor to get coming from Kelly! She's a SUPAH artist, let me tell ya! Check out her blog and see for yourself!

Of course I now have to forward this to those I think are "WORTHY", HAHA! I do have so many artist friends that I think are MAJOR talented; and you can see them ALL at left under the 'What's New in the Paper-World' blog roll. But, please allow me to highlight a few for you!

Kathleen Paneitz - she is quite the accomplished (and HUGELY published) artist, you may have seen in any paper-related magazine. She and I have become cyber-friends over the past year and while she doesn't post many paper items on her blog, you should check it out anyways! WOW, she's an amazing photographer, too! PLEASE take some time to check her out, she is SO worthy of this award!!

Kelly Birrell - this is a different Kelly than the one who forwarded this award to me, don't be confused and skip over this gal! Kelly is a personal friend of mine (poor girl!) and is seriously an amazing scrapbooker! Make no mistake, her cards are lovely, too, but her scrapbook pages astound me, too! Kelly's eye is keen and detailed and SMART, too! She's always composing her photographs while taking pictures so that they will work for a future layout! YEP, that's why I said SMART!

Diana Gibbs - Well, let me tell ya a little ditty about Di... she's HILARIOUS! Not only is she a gifted artist and superb card designer, she's a sit down (opposed to a 'stand-up') blogger- comedian at her computer! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading her blog every time she posts! She can always get me movin' and motivated even when my mood is NOT the best! Some of her paper-creations are sweetly twisted (go look for the recent post of her robot 'passing gas', LOL), which makes her a favorite in my book!

Andrea Vernagus - Andrea, Andrea, Andrea... a truly talented and giving artist! I met Andrea through a blog-candy-for-a-cause last year {that she was hosting for a sick baby} and have been impressed with her card-style ever since! Recently Andrea has been posting some of the most beautiful techniques! And her end result is even more beautiful! G0 scroll on over down her blog for some beautiful artwork and get inspired to try something new!

Tiffany Bauer - The Sketch QUEEN of Paper-Crafts! Tiffany seriously can work a SKETCH! She just posted a SLEW of cards using different sketches from different sources. Tiffany is also a friend of mine and my one and only Stampin' Up! Downline, too. She was #1 Rising Star last year at convention and #50 Top Demonstrator in the U.S., too! So you can tell from that she's got some talent AND knows how to make a business successful! I can't wait to see how she fairs at convention this summer! I am SURE she will be one of the top 10 in sales (or better!)!!

Marianne Walker - Last but surely not least (don't forget to check out my blog roll at left) is MARIANNE! OH, HOW I LOVE Marianne! She is employed by Copic Markers and seriously knows her STUFF!! It is shocking to me what this gal can do with just markers! From shading to shadowing (which she taught me is two different things!) she knows how to make images come to life on paper! Her blog is full of tips and techniques and inspiring creations, too! Put her in your favorites or on your blog roll if you use Copics OR even if you are considering investing in them! Her knowledge is crazy-plentiful and will keep you on top of the COPIC GAME!

Now, I really REALLY wanted to give more information out on these gals...

Sharon Harnist (this famously published gal can COPIC COLOR to no END!)

Denise Marzec (PeanutBee is amazingly detailed INSIDE her cards, as well as out! I love her pastel ways, something I just can't seem to accomplish!)

Carolyn King (Another amazing artist, often published in mags, too! Cammie is wonderfully well-rounded from stamps to paper to embellies, don't miss out on her blog!)

AND My fellow Design Team Members of:
Whimsie Doodles
Precious Scraps
SheetLoad of Cards

ETA: HOLY CRAPOLA, I forgot to mention my dear friend, JenMarie! She's quite the paper-guru, TOO! So, be sure to see her lovely creations, too!!!

... BUT, I am seriously needing to go put my head back on my soft pillow! The migraine is trying to return and I need to nip this in the bud NOW before it gets worse! My hubby can NOT stay home tomorrow so I can lay in bed for two days in a row, so I better scat for now! BUT please be sure to check out Sharon's, Denise's and Cammie's blogs as well as all of my VERY talented friends and designers on SheetLoad of Cards, Precious Scraps and Whimsie Doodles (listed above), you will be inspired by these talented ladies each and every day!

Thanks again to Kelly for forwarding me this award! I am SO very flattered!!



Kelly Landers said...

You are very welcome and well deserved of the award! I love all the blogs that you linked us to. What amazingly talented friends you have!!

Hope your migraine is gone!!

Susan Timmerman said...

Congrats on the award Hon! You are most certainly deserving of it! Hope that migraine is long gone by now!

Carolyn King said...

Congrats on the award so deserve it. I love your style!

Mostly, I hope you are feeling better...migraines are the WORST! ((hugs))

Sharon Harnist said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out, girlie! Hope your migraine is better soon ... peaceful resting!

A Touch of SOL said...

KUDOS, for the award..well deserved...I am no stranger to migraines..when I was younger I would pass out...They were that bad...I have taken to so many meds...I was even on many trial meds...I hope you are feeling way better...