Monday, July 20

Pepsi and KayLee

I have been working on Design Team deadlines, so nothing new for you to show. So, instead, I thought I would share with you an updated pic I just took of our new puppy Pepsi (13 weeks) and KayLee (6 years)!

Pepsi is an astounding dog, I have been blessed with a wonderfully smart and loving pet! Pepsi learned how to sit after just two attempts and learned how to shake hands after like 6 or so tries! She is now FINALLY not jumping all over us when we tell her to stop (her claws are sharp!), so she minds beautifully! OH, and potty trained?? YEP! Hasn't had an accident in the house for at least 2 weeks, if not longer, I lost track it was THAT long ago!

She has also made me get out of the house more during the day and enjoy the sun and fresh air, too with our walks up and down the yard! I don't know how I am going to do this with a leg boot on, if I end up getting one on Wednesday, but I guess we will see! Can you just imagine my neighbors seeing this dog pulling this stump-legged lady down the hill of our property? TOO FUNNY!! HAHA!

Have a wonderful afternoon and EVENING, TOO!


Tara Orr said...


Just read a comment on my blog from "Stampin' with Di" that you had recommended a blog award for me?! Of course I went to her blog and read your comment - WOW!! I am so very flattered!! Thank you so much - I had no idea I had such an amazing group of ladies following my work! I only started out less than a year ago, but it is one of those things that just reallyl fits with my life. Thanks so much for your kind words - MUCH appreciated!!!

Tara Orr

Susan Timmerman said...

KayLee is such a cutie! And, Pepsi? She's beautiful Nicole! She is indeed a smart girl! You should send her here to try and get my gang in line on the potty training thing!!!!