Wednesday, July 22

Medical Wednesday

This is what today should be called because I have been in the doctor's office for nearly 3 1/2 hours. YEAH, you can just imagine my mood, can't you?

ANYHOO, for those of you who care to know, I was nearly scared to death this morning with my ankle result. The bone scan showed a big huge black dot! I KNEW this was going to be bad since the rest of the xray showing all the bones in my feet and legs and the outside shadow of my skin was either light gray or white. Black is BAD, obviously. Especially when it was on the LEFT INSIDE ANKLE where my problem is. OH, and it was NO SMALL dot, it was pretty sizeable for my liking!

SO, he takes a looksie and notices the obvious swelling and says that it is definately a stress fracture, and that my bone scan from earlier last week is RED HOT (meaning BAD) and we have to figure out what else is wrong. He decides to do another xray, but this time of my right ankle for comparison to my left bad ankle. The bones are the same size, except for a little bit of abnormal new bone growth on my left bad ankle..... hmmm.....

He then notices that the original xray of my bad ankle was back from April 27th. And then kind of quickly sits up and says that we need to do another xray of the left ankle to get a recent look at it and that he's wanting to rule out a TUMOR!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG! Here I am alone and may be facing a BIOPSY! GEEZY PETES!

Well, he ruled out the tumor after reviewing the xray and says that he still wants to have an MRI done of my ankle to check the tissues, because he doesn't like the look of my RED HOT bone scan! So, I am having that done on the 27th. BUT until then I am in a leg boot. He actually wants me on crutches to not walk on it at all, but I told him I just didn't know how I could handle that having four kids and being home by myself all day from 7am to 6pm, especially with a new puppy that I have to walk every 2 hours or so. So, he said if I promised to wear the leg boot he wouldn't put me in a cast! SO, I did promise I would be a good girl and follow the rules with the leg boot.

I DO like the fact that he told me that I have to slow down and do 'nothing' more often. He said to get a movie and relax my leg (with my boot off!!!) for the length of the movie even, now and then! WOOHOO! So, now I have the excuse to not go down to the basement to do laundry! Poor Scott! HAHA!

So, that is the scoop! For those of you who just care about my paper-posting and are still reading this, THANKS! I will hopefully be able to craft more now that I can't stand for a length of time in the kitchen cooking and can't go up or down stairs to do laundry or put it away in the kids' room upstairs!

OH, and I had to go back to this same doctor as soon as I got home to take Eli to get his cast off of his right arm. He still can't swing a bat or ride a bike or anything like that. The doctor told us to pretend the cast is still on for the next three weeks. After that we go back for another consult to make sure all is fine so he can start swinging again! Did I tell you how AWESOME he has gotten at hitting left handed with ONE hand!!??? It is amazing, I should video it to share with you, you would laugh! Have a supah day!



Ferah said...

Holy scary smokes! I'm sending you good wishes and positive prayers that it is a really big dust blob from the x-ray machine. Hang in there and have fun doing nothing.

RockerJewlz said...

Oh geez! I know that awful "oh crap, is my life going to change forever after this" moments when you get told things like this.

Ugh, absolutely ugh. Prayin' for ya, my friend.

Debbie Lee said...

Gosh, Nicole, please take it easy! I can just imagine what must be running thru your mind. All of our prayers are with you... try not to worry too much!

A regular lurker :)

Amy S said...


A Touch of SOL said...

I am so sorry Nicole...I am praying for you my love. Positive vibes are being sent your way!

Sheila said...

WOWZA! I'll be thinking of you! In the mean time, do as the doctor says: take it easy and craft away!

Sharon Harnist said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle troubles, Nicole -- I hope rest does it good and you get better news on the 27th!

KJ said...

Oh, wow! That would be scary thinking it would be a tumor! Good luck with the MRI. What time is your appt? If I'm working, I'll stop by there! You'll be fine....try not to worry about it. Hmmmm, you gonna weigh your big boot on?! LOL!! Take it easy!

Julie Temple said...

WOW, what a time you have had! I will be keeping my fingers crossed all is well, and will put you in my prayers for a speedy recovery! Enjoy your "down" time!


Thanh said...

Oh my Nicole. Big Hugs.

Tiffany Bauer said...

OMG!!! So sorry to hear all of this!! I hope the MRI goes well and you ankle heals very very fast!! I am soooo sorry to have worked you so hard last week!!! You are such a sweatheart too for helping me out!! If you need anything just yell!!!!