Thursday, July 16

Bone Scan


I am headed to the hospital to have a bone scan of my ankle done today. Back in early May I did something to my ankle {long story which would bore you} and after ruling out a blood clot a few weeks after that, I was told by the doctor that the last thing was to do a bone scan to look for a hairline fracture or who knows what!

So, I go in at 12:30pm to get some kind of nucular or nuclear or whatever medicine intravenously, then go home for three hours, then head back to get this 'special' xray done. I was told it is not all that bad, but just takes time. You know what happens if it is a fracture? Yeah, a fashionable LEG BOOT! I almost would rather have a plaster cast so I could get together with my friends and have everyone help me ALTER IT with scrapbook paper, ribbon and embellishments!! HAHA!

Wish me luck!

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Susan Timmerman said...

Geez Nicole! I do hope everything came out OK with your bone scan!