Friday, October 2

Medical Update

This is mainly for family that lives far from us.... my surgery went fine today. If you want to catch up about this, CLICK HERE!

Actually the screw-removal went MORE than fine! I am walking without the boot already, cautiously, of course. AND I have only had to take a HALF of a pain med! I am already feeling 90% better than the last 8 weeks, let alone the last 6 months! So, those thoughts and prayers worked! Praise Jesus!

By looking at the 2" screws, it makes me wonder if they were just too big for my ankle and that was my problem with them protruding too far out the exit-side. Sorry for the visual there...

ANYHOO, I am WAY more positive in my attitude now and have a ZEST for life that I haven't felt in over 6 months since this began in April! Let's hear another "PRAISE JESUS"!

And to help you understand further, I even went downstairs a couple of time to get puppy food, do a load of laundry and THEN even went and took the not-so-small puppy out to potty; all this without discomfort! That tells ya I am on the mend, right?! I can't wait to get the okay to start exercising again, even if it is just 3 minutes a day of walking! I go back on the 12th for a check-up....

That's all for now! I will keep you updated about it here and there. THANKS to everyone for their emails, PM's and phonecalls, they are so appreciated right now, you have NO idea!

Check back around midnight for my new card using THE SWEET STOP's new sketch challenge! It is one you surely that will get you inspired, so you won't want to miss it! Check out the rest of my fellow designer's cards today, too, at The Sweet Stop! There's some great artwork there!

Have a super weekend!


Robb_eeie said...

Hi Nicole~~Wow a two inch screw in YOUR teeny-tiny ankle? Ouch! I'm just SO pleased to hear you are feeling better and starting to finally feel like you are healing. Maybe this was just a way to *tell* you to slow down a bit in your everyday life ~ with you that means being Super Woman & Super Mom, and of course, Super Wife [wink]. :)

Please don't go over-doing it .... your body has been through enough things over the past year. And I'm positive that Pepsi loves getting picked-up and loved by his Moma again =)

Have a wonderful, painless weekend !!

Julie Temple said...

YAY, I am so happy to hear you have less pain!! God works in WONDERFUL ways ( some say mysterious, I say wonderful). Heres to your rapid recovery!!

RUbber Hugs,

Barb g (WV) said...

Nicole, I'm so excited for you that this latest surgery has gone so well! It's wonderful to have opportunity to Praise the Lord for the extra blessings He provides for our lives.
I pray you will have continued heeling and things just 'keep gettin' better and better'.

TexasGrammy said...

Oh MYyyyyy!
The Lord is GOOD! I had no idea that you've been facing such a physical challenge. Prayers will begin for your continued healing and progress!


Kathleen said...

Oh Nicole, I'm sorry to hear what a long process healing your ankle has been for you. It's good you are doing better and about time, right? I hope you are cleared to get back to your regular life now and things can get back on track. I've only been "out of things" one month (with Janae's swine flu & complications) and even that is hard. I can't imagine how this period of time has been for you. Thank goodness things are headed in the right direction for us all and many thanks for your kind comment about my daughter the other day. We appreciate you. Take care.