Saturday, October 17

SSS26 The Sweet Stop Sketch with a SPIN!

Does this 'wittle' guy look familiar to you??  HAHA!  That's right, it is Mr. BooBerry in the flesh, er, uh, in spirit! HAHA!

This week's SSS26 Sweet Stop Sketch is to create a card with some type of recycling involved!  Well, being that it is Halloween and all, I just couldn't resist re-using BooBerry off the back of the cereal box.  Now, granted, I had to finish off the cereal INSIDE the box FIRST to be able to use the box, but that was just a sacrifice I had to make to get this card done on time, lol!  The witch, haunted house and other stamp images are by SUP from a set I just can't put my finger on right now.  I think it is retired anyways, so you can't purchase it even if you wanted to.  Well, then again, if you checked out ebay it could be there. Anyhoo...

You can see the Sweet Stop Sketch HERE that we were to follow, or at least in my case, be 'inspired by'.  I really enjoyed this challenge, it was really, well, CHALLENGING!  I hope you play along with this week's challenge and don't forget to recycle something!  Could be a used piece of lace, some buttons, ribbons, or last week I suggested bronzer (you know, the make up kind) to give your card a shimmer! HAHA!

Have a great Saturday!


Kelly Landers said...

How adorable and clever!! Love it Nicole!!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Is that where you got that image? Woo hoo! That's great! I'll bet my son would have recognized him. ha!

Great job Nicole. You do beautiful work. I shall visit again!

I remember that stamp set... it is retired, but I can't remember the name either. Seems like it was Haunted House or something like that. Whatever, it's a good one, that's for sure!

Barb g (WV) said...

Love the BooBerry, I've gotta start buying more fun types of cereals so that I have a little more inspiration around me! Ya gotta love the cute little images on those cereal boxes!
Fun and festive card for the special day of treats.

Beverly Gotthardt said...

You gals are very inspiring and clever with your recycling ideas!

Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl said...

Holy FABULOUSITY Nicole! You are SOOO clever to use that as your recycled element! This ROCKS!!

Holly said...

Now how CUTE is THIS?!?!?!?!