Saturday, December 19


Korin, from Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps, has put together a Christmas bundle of Digital stamps!  AND at a discount!  These are perfect for those digi-lover friends of yours for Christmas!  Great images and what a steal!  CLICK HERE to see it!

Sorry I have been so silent here lately, Scott had surgery yesterday and it didn't go exactly as planned, so I am exhausted from all the 'drama' and just having to wait on him since he's basically bedridden for a couple of days.  He can't walk the 45 lb "PUPPY" either, so I am getting my exercise in as you could imagine!  The kids are enjoying daddy sitting around watching Pixar's UP movie and other netflix movies as well, though, so at least they are enjoying it!

I am headed out for a midnight run to Walmart after the kids go to bed.  It just started snowing here, but I have some shopping that still needs to get done, and I am SURELY NOT going to do during the day with all those crazy people!  I will just shop with all of the midnight shoppers that are crazy!  LOL!  Take care of yourself and each other!


Country Mouse said...

You sound busy, busy, busy!!! My hubby is a WM store director and he says there's crazy people in there at all hours of the day....and night! Be careful and enjoy your shopping!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Nicole, I'm keeping you and your hubby both in my prayers. Try not to wear yourself out, OK? HUGS!