Thursday, December 3


As I mentioned in my post on the 1st of December, there was an important announcement made!  This is the final month for new issues of SheetLoad of Cards. Please head over to the SheetLoad blog today for a little 'walk down memory lane'.

I will miss SheetLoad of Cards.  Alicia is the first person to take a chance and 'hire' me on as an online designer for her monthly sketch blog.  She must have thought, "WELL, I GUESS I can try 'her'!"  HAHA!  I love Alicia and all of the hardwork and dedication she has put into this wonderful monthly resource!  I will miss it!  If you are a newbie to my blog or just a passer-by, then know that the past issues of SheetLoad WILL be available for about another 6 months or so.  But, until then, be sure to download your two years of sketch issues before they are gone.

I wish Alicia well and hope that (maybe, possibly, if we are lucky enough....) in time, this ezine will come back and be better than ever before (IF that is even possible!)!

SheetLoad is still going to finish off this month with a BANG!  There will still be prizes to win and stuff like that, so don't take them out of your blog-roll yet! OK!?  Blessings to you, Alicia!  We ALL wish you well!

Back SOON!

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Alicia a.k.a. Crafty Al said...

I am so glad I 'tried you out'. :)
You were such a great addition to the team. Your work is beautiful.
Thanks for the kind words.