Monday, December 7

WHEW, what a weekend!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of a post today!  I had a busy weekend demo'ing jewelry at THIS OLDE HOUSE in Jasper and had orders to wrap up and place supply orders for today!  I met a bunch of new customers and saw many old friends!  Thanks for coming out and seeing me Amy, Martha, Denise, Lori, Karen, Chris and Sabrina!  I loved seeing you all!  (Sorry if I didn't mention you! We were busy so I might not remember everyone's name right now, but it will come back to me and I AM glad you took time out to see me!)

I also spent time on the new jewelry blog today, cleaning the posts up with what is still available and what has been sold already.  I hope to have that up and running by week's end!  I am working a few hours on it each day and then will get the etsy store up for those of you who have been waiting for nearly two years for it!  (insert embarassed eyes here!) 

Debbie, I didn't forget about you.... and Tiffany I know you are still waiting on those three from me.  I am getting there.  OH and yes, KJ your scissorblings are finished and you still have your necklace and also your special 'bling' that I need to finish up, I didn't forget.  That darn ankle, this summer, just really ruined everything!

I wish there were just more hours in my day or I could find a good 'stay awake late' medicine that didn't make me feel awful the next day! HAHA!  I had hoped (OBVIOUSLY) to have the online store up a long time before now, but my family has just taken a lot more time than I bargained it would.  Plus, as you know, they are only children once, and with them being so young and Isaac being at home still, I don't want to push him or anyone aside just to play with beads!  Isaac will be in kindergarten next fall, so I will have a lot more time on my hands to really stock the store and take custom orders.  I apologize if you are one of those that I have turned down in the past that requested a custom order.  I hope you understand that (at that period in time) I felt my family and health was more important than ANY amount of money, so I had to do what was best for them and not take custom orders. 

HOWEVER, times are changing and my health is much better (despite a slight limp from the bad ankle) so, if you have any personal requests, please feel free to email me!  Again, the jewelry blog should be up and running soon, and then the etsy store will be next to debut, but until then, just email me! 

Blessings to all!

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