Friday, December 25

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

My daughter received some M&M stickers at a party and she had me open them for her.  The next thing I knew she came at me with this card!  I KNOW!  Can you believe this?  I did NOT help her at all!  I didn't even tell her to clip the corners or how to line up the words!  I was so surprised by HOW GOOD this was!  SO, needless to say, I CHOSE KayLee's card for my Christmas Day POST! 

{There will be more Whimsie Doodles, SheetLoad of Cards, Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps, Sweet Stop Sketch Blog and Sweet 'n Sassy DIGIBLOG coming up soon, don't worry!!}

The more I look at this card, the more I realize how great it is!  I mean, HOW did she know to use CHOCOLATE BROWN paper as the base?  There's no brown in the stickers, right?  But yet, she pulled this one out perfectly!  WOW!  Still astounds me!  Did I mention that she's just 6 1/2?  She's fantastic at drawing and sketching, too!  I can't wait to see what she grows up to be!  Maybe a 'card-maker'??? HEEHEE!

I want to take a moment to tell all of my family, friends and of course you cyber friends TOO that I really do appreciate each of you in my life and that I wish you a Merry Christmas!  I hope that today's feeling you have in your heart lasts all year long!

Remember the Reason for the Season!
Happy Birthday, Jesus!


KJ said...

Love it! She did AWESOME!!!

PaperCrafty said...

I love it too!! She did a FABULOUS job!! Looks like someone is taking after her Mom!! :D

Thanh said...

She's one smart cookie! Way to go, Mom!