Thursday, December 24

PEAS on Earth!

Merry Christmas EVE!!  I LOVE TODAY!  It always brings back memories of how my parents would take my me and my sister to an evening candlelight Christmas Eve service at church, and then when we returned home we would find that Santa would have come and brought us our presents early because we were extra special that year and he wanted to deliver ours first!!  HAHA!

Of course, in the later years we finally realized that it was because mom and dad just wanted to sleep in on dad's day off of work, but it's all good, still fun memories.... I always wondered why when we were headed to church dad always seemed to have forgotten to shut off the lights, or put some food away or whatever... it was because he had to go in and scurry to dig out the hidden presents out of closets and put them under the tree for our return.  I used to just think he was SO forgetful! HAHA!

Do you have any memories like these?  I would love to hear them if you don't mind sharing!!

OH, nearly forgot!  MY CARD!  HAHAHA!!  This wonderful image is by WHIMSIE DOODLES, do you get it?  Peas ON Earth?? LOL!  Peace on Earth!  That funny MELYSSA, she comes up with the BEST images and punny sayings to go with!  I used some SUP and Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses 6x6 paper for this one, some SUP! Ribbon and some bling from Basic Grey as well!

Tomorrow I have a special post for Christmas!  I really hope you don't miss it!  It is something that I have saved for two weeks now just in honor of Christmas!  If I don't see you, it will be there when you return!  I think you might have better things to do than blog hop, unless you are a lucky one with internet on your cell phone and can sneak some time in while you are waiting for thepie in the oven to DING or inbetween turkey bastings!

Merry Christmas EVE!


Anonymous said...

How adorable and super clever :). Love it!

Melanie said...

Nicole...I love this image!!! I did see it a few weeks ago on another blog, and it just makes me giggle!! Totally reminds me of Veggie Tales. What a fun card!


KJ said...

ROFL....Peas ON Earth!! CUTE!