Wednesday, May 19


HAPPY HUMP DAY!! WOOHOO!  Half-way through the week! WHEW!  I am spent already!  I have to say that those baseball games in the evening are tiring, but MAN can my Eli play ball!  He hit the ball at his finest last night, I CAN NOT even begin to tell you!  AND he got a crucial opponent OUT at home plate, too!  WOWSERS, for a 45 lb. 8 year old, he is AWESOME! 

ANYHOO!  Today is Whimsie Wednesday CHALLENGE DAY at the PCP Forum HERE!  This week's challenge is to use plaid!  So come on out and play!  I used the Texting Teen by to make a fun card for the daughter of a friend of mine... shh!  I hope she likes it!


The weekend is in sight!

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Robin's Creative Cottage said...

very cute Nicole.... yep looks like my daughter :)