Sunday, April 19

I WON $1000.00!!!

LOOK AT THIS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! After seeing an awesome infomercial and feeling like I am stagnant at my current weight, I ordered Turbo Jam from Beach! I received it not too long ago and started working out right away.


Well, they have this thing called WOWY, which stands for Work Out With You, where you go on a 'board', post which work out you will be doing and all the while see who is working out at the same time! And then when you are done, you come back say you are done and then you can chat with others that are done working out, too. I have never done the chat-part, but I do like how you keep track of your workouts on your calendar and also can make yourself a schedule in advance so you don't have to 'wonder' what you should be doing next time. You just log in, it will show you the work out you scheduled, then you go find the DVD for that one, pop it in and work out and then come back, post you are done, and that is it!

Well, guess what!? Every day they give away prizes, ipods, DVD players, digital cameras, camcorders, $300 and a few others, but ONCE a week, a $1,000 PRIZE is given to a winner and this week I WAS PICKED! Can you believe it??? I COULD DIE! I don't know who that coach is, in my pic below, he has never contacted me, or helped me arrange my workouts, but I am probably supposed to go to him when I have questions. If you want to see how to get in on this type of workout, just click on the pic below and it will take you to the Beach Body website to see how you can order any of their DVD work out sets. I LOVE Turbo Jam, seriously the time goes by so fast, even in the 45 minute CardioParty workout! AND, LOOK! You just COULD win a PRIZE for getting FIT!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!

I love Chalene in Turbo Jam and will most definitely be getting the Chalene Extreme when I feel I have met my personal goals and sustained them for 4 months or so. That may be light years away, but I am gonna try! I seriously can't believe that I won this money! I know they will take half in taxes, but I don't care, this does me TONS mentally to keep on track to lose this weight and get healthy every day!

Well, I am OFF to go workout! Then I will be out at the HHGallery today from noon-ish to 4pm or so! (See previous post for more info) Come out and see me if you can! I have been such a good girl I haven't tried the homemade icecream, the homemade keylime pie, Pineapple upside down cake or the coconut cake either! That would just sabotage my TJ workouts!! Have a great day!



Marci Knecht said...

WOW! That's AWESOME! Congrats Nicole, I'm sure that will come in really handy :)

RockerJewlz said...


Carolyn King said...

woohooo!!! doesnt get much better than that!!!! wayyy to go girl!

Robb_eeie said...

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ WAY TO GO NICOLE ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

I am SO happy for you in winning this prize money [[doing my ~HaPpY DaNcE~!]].

I always say that, "NICE Things
SHOULD Happen To Nice People". Since you truely are One of the sweetest, generous and funny individuals out there, I'm glad to see my statement can come true :0)

And seeing as I didn't win the cash, the next best thing is to have someone you admire, trust, and consider a friend {which I proudly do} win an amazing prize :)

So you make sure you take a bit of this prize money and spend it on yourself, to reward your hard work and dedication to getting in shape and improving your Health. It's a ~~win-win~~ situation but Nikki, you truely just won the JackPot :)

Enjoy it hun, as you SO deserve this.
~Robbi~ xox

Nicole said...

Thanks, everyone! I am super excited myself!! I tell ya what, it really keeps you motivated to work out everyday when you know you could win a prize! Yesterday was an IPOD! Today is $300! If I didn't love the Turbo Jam so much it would be really hard to keep it going, but seriously I LOVE IT, it is so much fun!!

Tiffany Bauer said...

Congrats girl!! AND for working out too!!! Couldn't have happened to a better person!!!

Amy S said...

GOOD for you!!!! OMG thats awesome~~~

I am in total agreement this year has been rocky for me too!!!!

Good Luck with all your things you got going! :) What is HHG or HH?