Wednesday, April 1

Wednesday Winner update and Periphery Prayer

Howdy Peeps! Are you all checking back and forth for the post of the Wednesday Winner??? Well, it is a'comin'!! I have some errands to run (library, grocery) and then will post it ASAP! Here's some eyecandy for you until then.

But, first, let me say that I am sorry I have been MIA for the past few days, I have been dealing with some issues at home which have been taking a mental-toll on me. And when that happens I usually go into my cave to recover. SO - on that note....

Marie: I haven't forgotten about you. I will email you today!

Chrissi: Yours is still under construction! Can't wait to see my apron, no rush, though! AND I hope your neck is better soon!

Julie: I am so glad I have met you! Your daily check-in is so welcomed and appreciated!

Angie: Thanks for all the voting support, EVERYWHERE you connect! HAHA!

Sheila: Check in my left hand column for my hobby room pictures.
I use 12x12 Cropper Hoppers and sort by company, like Basic Grey,
My Mind's Eye, Stampin' UP, SEI, etc!

Jen Z: That is plenty of time, no worries!

Cheryl: Got your moolah, thanks for that AND of course, for YOUR ORDER!!
I will send you jpegs for approval when I get them done!

Tiffany: THANKS for the order and I will send the pic of that bail soon!

Kris: Thanks for the 'e-peptalks', I NEEDED THEM!

Chas: THANKS for the pick-me-up-lunch yesterday, it was FANTASTIC!

So, on for the eyecandy! I made this more shabby-chic card over the weekend. I figured this would be a good sympathy card or just for someone who is going through a divorce or job transition. And BOY do I know of a lot of people doing that!

This card was made using Basic Grey's Periphery paper line. I just love that set, with all the masculine colors, but still with feminine detailing. Just beautiful! The sentiment is from the Thoughts and Prayers stamp set by Stampin' UP!, love that set!

I will be back later today to draw for the keybling! Be sure to get your last votes in by clicking on the CUTE PINK STRIPED TENT at left, seeing my rank and telling me my rank HERE ON THE WED WINNER POST! Don't forget to tell me your favorite jewelry item, too!


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