Thursday, April 16

Wednesday Winner POSTED!!

Again, my SINCEREST apologies for the delay! Life sucks sometimes! HAHA!

If you look UNDER the video, you will see proof of my horrible morning. This is sampling of what I had to put up with. The little boy who seemingly LOOKS like an angel in the video definately WASN'T one, just BEFORE a forced MORNING NAP!

After yet, MORE FAMILY ISSUES, which we won't get into, I seriously had to lay down too, so I asked Isaac if he wanted to snuggle in my bed, and since he did, I KNEW it was BAD! HAHA! Well, we both got some rest and felt better afterwards UNTIL I realized that I forgot about posting this prior to laying down! UGH!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't seem to get ahead!

SO, enough of the pity party already!! SORRY, I am just having some problems, let me tell ya! OK, so CONGRATS to the NEW WINNER!!!! I will force you to watch the video to see if it is YOU! I will post something new either tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on what I am able to accomplish today! So check back soon! THANKS for to everyone for continuing to support my #1 ranking on the TOP 100 Designers website!



Angie Will said...

Isaac nothing can be that bad!
Thanks Nicole for the chance to win! Thanks Isaac for pulling my name :D
Happy Friday!

Robb_eeie said...

Hey Nicole :) Just had to post and tell you what a *kick* I get out of seeing all your family pics, especially your videos of your "Wed. Weekly Contest" name picking~! LOL

Issac certainly doesn't look like he's having a very good morning [wink]. But hey, if You got a snuggle with him, your day should have gotten a bit brighter, hopefully LOL :)

I'm off to watch the video =)

Cheri Howard said...

Congrats, Angie! Enjoy your stamps!