Tuesday, April 21

NOT so Quickie Update

Morning! My kids have an early 12:30pm release today, so my time is limited, but I thought I would update ya, in case you thought I dropped off the face of the earth!

I am busy filling Mother's Day orders (and on that NOTE: CHERYL: Just got my crystals in yesterday! I was missing one of yours! You are the next on my beading board; Angie W: I didn't forget, just been busy the last three days! I will email ya soon!) and was busy all day yesterday wrapping up the SheetLoad of Cards submissions! I love the card-making part, but the whole photo-taking I could seriously do without! I need to take a class or something! HA!

The HHGallery was SUPAH fun last weekend! After not being able to be a vendor last year from the surgery that went BAD, it was soooo nice being surrounded by other artisans, musicians and FUN customers. I had some sales, made some new friends (HI MARVIN!) and even had a brief chat with the local newspaper, so I wouldn't be surprised if I am in the paper! I wouldn't know, because I don't get it! HAHA! After opening my big mouth, I was also asked by the newspaper person about writing up an editorial about Art in school and how it is a shame that the arts are slowly being removed from the curriculum. So, I guess that is something else that is now added to the agenda... like I need more to do! BUT, that is seriously something that I feel strongly about, so I will do it eventually.

I am expecting a NICE shipment from Bev at Precious Scraps!! I LOVE designing for her, she gives us free reign on our projects and gives us really awesome kits and goodies! When that shipment comes I will be going crazy with cards and possibly another scrapbook page or two! (SHOCK!!)

Besides all of this, I still have some cards that need to be whipped up for the Christian Paper Crafts Magazine's Fall Debut ISSUE! I better crank out some good stuff since I am going to be the 'Featured Designer' in the mag! OH, and if you haven't heard, this is NOT an e-zine! It is actually going to be printed up and on SHELVES! It may not be in WalMart, but you never know! So, I am very excited about that!

Oh, I forgot! It looks like I am actually safe in saying that Josh's graduation announcements are the next thing to be designed and produced! He has pulled some crap on his grades again, this year, but nothing too bad that it is going to keep him from graduating, THANK GOODNESS!!

I guess if you look over the first four months of 2009, I am doing pretty darn good. Considering I have had some MAJOR (personal) issues in and out of the first quarter, all in all, I think I am on the upswing of things. Trust me, I am not telling you all this to 'toot' my own horn; I just like to share my experiences in hopes that others can get inspired to stretch themselves into trying something new or tackling that obstacle that seems just impossible to conquer! I also like to reflect upon my achievements so that it keeps me going in those times of trials and tribulations. IF I hadn't had some really good things to focus on a week ago or so (when I thought the world was crumbling down upon me), you might have found me in the mental ward at the Hospital. No joke. BUT, I had some pending issues that couldn't be avoided, so this forced me to pull myself together and keep moving forward! THANK YOU, GOD!!!

OH, did I mention the card ministry that I am going to start soon at my church?? Yeah, I KNOW, just another thing to keep me busier than ever! BUT, I have been wanting to do this for over a year now, when my sister told me about her card ministry at her church. I am hoping to get the junior high and senior high schoolers involved in cardmaking! Not just to learn about color, composition, balance and creating, but also to learn the aspect of volunteering their time, giving back to the church and sharing themselves with others! Now, THAT is a ministry!!

What kills me is that everyone thinks that Stay At Home moms like myself have no responsibilities! Did it ever occur to them that since we are at home, we are filling our lives with things that MEAN something to us and our families and NOT sitting around eating bonbons? I mean, HELLO! My hubby is gone for 11 hours a day, WHO do you think does the cleaning, the shopping, the homework, the cooking, the 'upkeep' on EVERYTHING?? I hope this clears things up that just because I am home, it doesn't mean I am 'loafing'!

Well, that is the update for now! I probably won't post again until Thursday unless I come up with something that just commands to be seen on the blog!! It is Mother's Day-time, I have a bunch to do! I will be out at the HHGallery on Friday and Saturday until 2pm. My parents are coming in this weekend, so that is why I won't be out there on Sunday. BUT, if you need anything, just comment on this post and I will get back to you within 24 hours! OK?

Blessings to you!!!


Amy S said...

ha -- I could NEVER be a stay at home mom!! NEVER!! Hats off to ya!! I mean I love my son very very very much.......BUT I just could not do it.

Kris said...

I can't wait to see that Christian Paper Crafts magazine. That is so exciting that you are designing for it. Let us all know when it will be on the shelves!!