Tuesday, April 28


I just want to say thanks to those of you who have been praying for me and my little 'scare' yesterday. Actually, I am not sure how 'little' a scare of thinking you have a blood clot in your leg is, but thanks for the prayers; I am sure that is what got me through it!

My doctor was pretty positive that the ultrasound (of my leg's veins/artery) would end up with a 'positive' result, so that was scary in itself. BUT when he told me that icing it like I did Saturday and Sunday was worse for it, AND that I tried to stay off of my leg/foot all morning yesterday until my appointment, was bad, too, HE was REALLY worried! Seriously, I don't think I was ever more scared of dying. Facing death really makes you think about getting things 'in order', let me tell you. Anyhoo, I am fine, my xray also showed NO abnormalities, too, so I just need to 'be nice' to my foot/ankle/leg for a bit. Must be all that Turbo Jam! HA!

On the other hand, though, my doctor did call today to tell me that he wants to send Eli (my 1st grader) to Riley's in Indy. Eli was the reason we went to the doctor yesterday in the first place. His allergies had been acting up and I wasn't really sure that it was JUST allergies, so we went and he ended up having bronchitis, sinus infection, allergies and walking pneumonia! He's better today, already, so he will be okay. BUT, apparently Eli showed slight to no growth over the past year, so he wants to rule out a hormone deficiency or whatever. So, we will go for that sooner or later, when they call me with the appointment. So, if you feel like praying, put Eli on your list that he grows some or his hormones kick in a bit more! HA!

I honestly am not that worried; my Josh (19 yr old) had to go to Riley at age 5 and he was put on hormones and nothing happened, which meant he had no deficiency, and he's now taller than me, but still skinny as a rail; but his paternal grandparents were shorter than me, and there aren't any giants in my family. I JUST HAVE SMALL KIDS! Shoot, KayLee (my kindergartner) is FINALLY getting out of some 4T clothes, but not all; and my Isaac (just turned 4) still wears 2T clothes sometimes! But, I guess it is best to rule those bad things out, right?

That wasn't such a "QUICKIE" post, was it? I am going to be busy wrapping up Mother's Day orders over the next couple days, so the blog will be hit or miss for me. I can't wait until JUNE when all this craziness dies down! Just one month to go!



Amy S said...

Hey = glad to hear things turned out ok for you!! PRAISE GOD!! Kris and I both immediatley started praying!!! You had me all scared when you called!!! Kris said you called back so I was glad to hear that! Today - things were nutts-Tues and then tonite left for Eville as soon as we got home at 4:00 and just got home so I could not call----glad to hear you are ok---- Will definatley pray for Eli--poor guy- he has it all dont he??!! When are you going ??? Keep us posted~!
talk soon

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Oh my gosh, Nicole...yeah, what a scary day you had. Oh my word, girl. {{hugs}}

Marci Knecht said...

Yeah, that's pretty scary alright! I'm glad that everything is okay, take care of yourself girl!

RockerJewlz said...

I know what you mean about growth. My son had a pediatrician who was just starting out in the medical field and he was soooo concerned that my little baby was...well...little!

He kept mentioning it at each visit, so by the third visit I was ready to say "SO WHAT!!!!" but he figured it out and asked "is his father's side of the family small?" You bet I said, his dad is only 5'4", and grandma and 3 sisters are all barely 5 feet tall...and one of them married a 6'5" "giant"!

I was glad I didn't have to say "SO WHAT"! haha

Nancy said...

Glad to hear things are better!

Robb_eeie said...

Hey Nicole~~I'm so pleased that everything worked out at your Dr's appt. yesterday :) You certainly have been having a rough couple of weeks now.

Maybe now you'll take some time to take care of yourself and relax a bit; you don't want to over-do things!!!!!