Friday, April 3

Such Grace

While sitting by the kitchen window facing my backyard, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. At first I thought I saw some big golden retriever dogs or something... then realized I had FOUR deer in my back yard! They were trying to figure out how to go between my house and the neighbors to get to the hill across the street without being noticed... WELL! TOO LATE!

I ran and got the camera, had to run back and get the memory card out of the laptop and race to the front of the house to see if I had a chance to get a pic or two. This top one is what I got! Then I realized there were only three deer in the pic. I figured the fourth had already made it over the hill. UNTIL... I got back to the kitchen and looked outside again!

So sad, they left behind their friend, here! He's looking around thinking, "is that crazy lady going to take my picture, too? BUT, I have gained so much weight in my hips over the winter months, I just can't bear the thought of her shooting that!" SO, it stayed right there for a while, then sauntered over by the shed and went back into the woods.

No worries, though. Moments later, without camera in hand I saw it headed to meet up with it's friends by jumping OVER the 6 foot fence dividing my property and the city park that is aside it. WOW, such grace! I can't even walk without TRIPPING sometimes, and these animals just glide over 6+ feet in height! AMAZING! Just thought I would share!

(((SORRY for not posting the next WEDNESDAY WINNER! It is COMING UP SOON!!)))

Have a nice day!


RockerJewlz said...

Suh-weet! I love being at my sister's country house and on occasion getting long looks from deer when they visit.

You HAVE to see this related video!

ms.cheryl said...

For some reason deer seem majestical to me. I love to see them in my yard or eating at the side of the road. Thanks so much for sharing, ms.cheryl