Thursday, April 9


This is for Joyce Across the Pond that left a comment on one of the posts about the game that has been removed from the bottom of my blog....

Dear Joyce, if you will notice in the previous post I had begun having issues with AUDIO advertisements of LYSOL and JET DRY, etc... well... I had NO idea where they were coming from, I hadn't done anything to my blog to cause these ads to suddenly appear... THEN MY SON, a computer GURU figured it out. And he figured out that the site that offered 'free' games to be put on blogs decided to allow advertisments! HOW ANNOYING! AND INAPPROPRIATE! I mean, really! Do you seriously want to hear people talking about spots in their clothing OR how to clean up a mess when blog hopping!? UGH!

SO, I had to remove that application to get rid of the advertising!! I am sorry that you miss that game, I DO TOO! And, I am JUST WAITING for my kids to figure out that when they go to 'Mommy's blog' to play the ball game, it isn't there! OH IT WILL BE BAD!!! Real, REAL BAD, let me tell ya! Apologies, again, Joyce! But, I hope that doesn't keep you from coming back! Hugs, Nicole
On another note, I have been sick this week, pretty much since Tuesday evening, which is why the posting is next to nothing. I have been suffering from a major sinus/headcold, but at least it isn't strep! Eli is sick a little bit, he didn't go to baseball practice or church last night with everyone else. He and I just sat and watched Scooby Doo together.

Nearly everyone is sick... KayLee is sniffing and has a sore throat, Josh is coughing and talking funny, and nearly losing his voice! OH and EVEN SCOTT, who NEVER gets sick, mind you, is actually feeling it, too! Maybe it is allergies, but I really don't think so. I don't think Josh would be coughing up colored stuff if it was just allergies. But then again, I could be wrong. The only one who hasn't shown one symptom of being yucky is Isaac! It is probably all that adrenalin from being excited about turning 4 finally that is keeping the sicky-bug away from him!

Well, all I have to say is that I hope Eli gets better by Sunday! Not because it is Easter, but because it is HIS 7th Birthday!! And, WHO wants to be sick on their birthday? I better run, the kids have off school tomorrow for Good Friday, so I am trying to get a lot of my normal 'Friday chores' done today so that maybe tomorrow we can go to the Zoo.... SHH! Don't tell them, though, I have to wait to see what the weather is going to be like before I get them all excited!



Joyce across the Pond said...

Dear Nicole....gosh I didn't expect to have a reply....and an explanation which I fully understand...think of the time I will be saving! As to your sinus problems.....well, I can also sympathise with you here...the only thing that helps me is to put some Friars' Balsam (0ld remedy) in some hot hot water and cover your head with a towel to hold in the steam....inhale that deeply and you should feel slightly better...repeat when things get bad again....if no Friars' Balsam then any eucylptus stuff would suffice. Hope it soon clears up but I know exactly how you if a ton weight was on top of your head and the eyes just want to close.
Hope everyone feels better enough to enjoy a pleasant Easter...full of joy because He has risen. Hallelujah!
Joyce in Northern Ireland

Kathleen said...

Hi Nicole. Hope everyone in your house will be feeling better for Easter. It's definitely no fun being sick. You are so funny asking me do my gardening friends know me!! They don't. It's a whole other world but that's okay. I'm really not "out there" like I used to be. I will always appreciate you for boosting me up tho. Happy Easter!!!