Wednesday, November 11

Archived Christmas Card

Morning!  Well, first let me give a SHOUT OUT to my BROTHER IN LAW, JIM!  He saved my computer from a virus, losing all pictures, digital downloads, everything, last night!!!!!  OMGOSH! 


And, after that happened I decided to go through some old cards to re-visit some old favorites to show you while I am working on my New Release Debut Day cards for WHIMSIE DOODLES on Sunday!  This card here is a SCS challenge card, TLC199 from back last December!  I love all the details of getting the points to be perfect and how I paper pieced the insides of the diamond shapes to make it look like a round ornament in the middle.  AH, but this is only one of a very small number of  'good' ones that I am willing to share.  My style has so changed since even last December!  LOL!

Well, I hope you enjoy this one until tomorrow!  Or maybe later today I will try to fancy up something new for you to see.  OH!  I nearly forgot!  Today is the next challenge at the WHIMSIE DOODLES PaperCraftPlanet groupCLICK HERE to see what is going on and how you can play along!  I haven't had time to work on my submission for this challenge yet, I had planned to do that last night, but the whole 'HELP!  My computer is about to BLOW UP!' happened and I couldn't get to it!  But I have until next Wednesday to get it in!  Thank Goodness it is a WEEK long challenge and not just a daily one!

I am headed to get an external hardware drive right after the kids go to school and start to put my mind at rest.  Last night was just too much drama for me to go through EVER again!

Blessings on your day!

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Rose Ann said...

Woo hoo to Jim!!

Your card is soooo beautiful, Nicole!!