Tuesday, November 10

Mo Manning, Pepsi and Eli

As promised, here is the card that I was talking about in my previous post.  I need a new camera.  If anyone just wants to buy me a new one because they like me that much, email me and I will send you my address!  I want a Canon Rebel, by the way.  LOL!  My camera does not take pictures of the color 'red' well at all!  It either ends up looking like bright orange finger paint or dulls the rest of the picture.  So, this is the best I could do.  Hopefully if you click on the picture, it will enlarge for you to see the details.

I colored grass all around them and then used my exacto knife to give it a 'grassy' scene.  Oh, and this was a real true test of coloring a 'black' something with my Copics.  My dog Pepsi is black, so I had to try to keep it real, but man, getting the highlights is hard, especially if you want to still be able to tell what it is you are coloring!  On Eli, I tried to wash out his denim a bit and gave him some dirty looking shoes and socks, because, honestly, that is how he normally is!  ANYHOO, I hope you enjoyed my card......
You can see the picture links on the previous post.

Oh!  I nearly forgot, I showed this to Eli this morning and he said he wants to give it to Pepsi for Christmas!  AW!!  I told him that we would take some pictures of them together and then put them inside the card and then get the card a frame.  A sorta-keepsake!  He liked that idea, he's such a softy!

I am off to work on more DT stuff and hopefully get the laundry all put away, that is a feat within itself!

Have a great day!


~ApriL~ said...

Nicole I love this card!!! So very adorable just like your blog! That is why I am awarding you with the Lovely Blog Award!!!! Just drop by the link below to grab your badge and other info!!! Keep up the awesome work!!! =)


Robb_eeie said...

Hi Nicole ~~ I so adore this image and your phenomenal Copic colouring and shading ----!WOW!---- Pepsi looks great and I can just invision Eli's smile :0)

Please post the REAL photo once you win the lottery and get your new camera! LOL