Friday, November 27

SheetLoad of Cards ~ SneakPeek

Are you feeling overly-stuffed and slower than molasses for all that you put yourself through yesterday!?  Yeah, me too, but isn't it worth it??  HA!  I sincerely hope your Thanksgiving was full of fun times and you made some memories that will last a lifetime!

Here's a little sneaky peek of an item I made for SHEETLOAD OF CARDS next December issue coming out on December 1st!!  Gotta be sure to check this issue out!  It is crammed with creativity and craftsmanship by nearly all of the designers of SheetLoad AND I even made the COVER! WOOHOO!! 

See you tomorrow!

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~*Joni said...

Oh phew! I thought this was a WD image and I was starting to get nervous! heehee! Can't wait to see what the real image looks like Nicole, and yes, I join you in sloth, post T-day slow as can be tempo too!