Monday, August 23

Sharing my Box Tops Chart

It took me forever to get this done!!  OVER 12 hours to be exact!!  But I like it!

CLICK to open in a new window then click to enlarge and zoom to see details!

I shared this with my Meljen's DTeam a bit ago and thought you all may like to see it, too!

The students at two of my kids' school compete each month to see who brings in the most BOX TOPS (General Mills products).  The preschool classes and kindergarten classes (some half-day kindergarten) compete against each other (hence that brown horizontal line about 1/3 of the way down).  AND the 1st graders compete against the 2nd graders.  Whoever wins gets the HONOR of displaying the 'Silver Scissors' award on their door for the month (12" honkin' pair of scissors I made using my cricut and tons of silver glitter!) AND they win some candy, bookmark, pencils, etc.  Last year we raised over $2100.00, up 40% from the previous year without the competition and prizes!  Our goal is to do $2600.00 this year!  Next year we will just make a new grid with posterboard and glue over the numbers that we enter into the chart this year!!  SO, KNOWING that I wasn't going to have to do this next year, I figured I ought to spend some quality time on it and make it nice!

The stars are red-lined double sticky and covered with silver glitter, I used my Cricut to make the statement at bottom and used a variety of rub-ons by Making Memories for the teachers' names!  The sun was going down, so I didn't get a good pic of this, but maybe tomorrow.  OH, and to give you an idea of the size, that is my hubby behind there holding it over his face.  It's over 4' tall and normal posterboard width of 28 or 30". 

Thanks for letting me share!!  nicole xoxox


Katie Skiff said...

That is neat. We also collect but our school gets about $900. I love the scissor idea!

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

Fantastic chart! We never had one this nice when we were doing box tops. Bekah will be starting've raised the bar kind of high...hope she doesn't expect one this nice...hehehe. Really great work, bless your heart for investing all that time.


Pam said...

You are the kind of volunteer that every teacher DREAMS about! Brownie points for go girl! Oh, and I can SEE why it took you 12 hours - every name, every image, every square of it. Box top Inspiration;)

Chas said...

That poster is awesome! It will be great that it can be used for next year! Pat on the back to you!!

ERICA said...

This is awesome, Nicole!