Monday, January 4

Cocoa has the right idea!!

It is the first Monday of the year! WOOHOO!! Are you looking forward to what this year is going to bring you?  I am so eager to have 2010 come into my life full force!  Last year was NOT "my year", to say the least {due to some minor medical issues that went sour and worsened}, so seeing 2010 on my calendar gives me such a refreshing feeling!

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it has been for me to be associated with Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps and the wonderful women that come along with it!  These gals are just so sincerely supportive; and not just with my creative efforts, but with personal ones, too!  So, please allow me to THANK Korin, Sandy and ALL of the wonderful SNSS designers for being who they are!  Their prayers and caring emails are such a blessing to me and I just wanted to let them know!

OH! MY CARD!! HA!  Yes, Cocoa (which you can find HERE!) certainly is smart!  Look at him all snuggly between those mittens!  Yesterday when I woke up it was 5 degrees!  YES, FIVE!  NOT much fun to look at when you have a big new dog that needs to be walked quite often!  So, this digi came to mind right away when thinking about my card for the Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps DIGIBLOG today!  I used some retired SUP paper in some wintery cool colors, some Basic Grey bling and 1/2" white organza ribbon to make this one simple and sweet!! 

I hope you all STAY WARM today and I wish you all the best in 2010!  May God bless you and make this the best year EVAH for you AND yours!

Happy New Year!


Sandy said...

The card is so cute and you are right....Cocoa is smart snuggled in those gloves! It's been BRRRRR cold here too! Love the card and we enjoy you being on the SNS team too!

Melanie said...

Yup...warm is good these days! Nicole, I love the texture you acheived with these mittens! (and I feel very blessed to be a part of this team too! )


(can't you just get your doggie to go for a little run on the treadmill instead?? lol)

Micki said...

That card is sooooo cute and with -6 degree temps, it's perfect, lol.

Love your card and the coloring. I love 'white' space if that makes sense. It always adds such a clean contrast and makes the coloring really pop. Hope I'm making sense, lol.

Great card - love it.


It's Me, Nikki! (aka NCSUnikki) said...

Nicole, this Cocoa is SUPAH cute! I thought it was cold here, until I read the other comments!! Brrrr. Stay warm :) Love you girl!

Thanh said...

Happy new year, Nicole!

PaperCrafty said...

Super cute card Nicole!!

Anonymous said...

Totally adorable card, Nicole!! I want to trade places with Cocoa and be snuggled between a pair of oversized mittens like that. I know it's nowhere near as cold here as there, but I'm still ready for some warmth -- LOL!