Friday, January 1

HAPPY 2010 ! ! ! !

Just a quickie POP IN to say Happy New Year! 

My parents are visiting for a Late Christmas/Early New Year and I haven't wanted to do much except spend time with them and the kids!  I thought I would post some pics of them opening their gifts!  Grammy and Grumpy also went in on the Wii this year, but wanted to give them something to open when they arrived a couple of days ago....

We have had a blast having Connect 4 Challenges! HA!  Operation is a hoot now!  There's MORE than just that nagging buzzer sound, so fun!!  Josh was camera-shy, but he was there accepting a monetary gift from my parents!

Here's me and my girl, KayLee, she's showing off her new robe!  She has been wanting a robe since her cousin got a robe LAST Christmas, so she's Ecstatic she got one finally!  AND a rainbow one at that!  Thanks, Grammy and Grumpy!

Even PEPSI, our so-called 45 lb. puppy got her own Christmas present (actually ordered it last summer, but my sister had been holding it for me since then!)  Pepsi LOVES her new Southern Living at Home pet bowl set.  This has been a blessing, let me tell ya!  She chews up the plastic ones if we leave them down, so this set she is really leaving alone!  AND I got it on a super sale clearance! WOOHOO!

Here's a pic of the view of our bedroom at Raccoon Lake (Indiana) where Scott's parents invited all of the entire family to stay for Christmas this year.  We were there for four days and three nights and there was more than enough room for our 10 adults, 3 teens and five little ones! SO MUCH FUN!  Thanks, PEG & JERRY!  My FAVORITE INLAWS! HAHA!

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!  You are just dieing laughing right now, aren't you!?  HAHA!  YEP, those Andersons... some funny family I married into huh? HAHA!  Thanks, Jodi (to the right of me in the red vest) for the awesome craft project!  We all had to make our own elf hat!  Notice my hat is a mistletoe hat so when I wear it, it is okay for my honey to kiss me! LOL! 

AND A HUGE SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MY SISTER, KRIS, for giving me three awesome packs of Basic Grey Papers for Christmas! I AM IN LOVE with them and even made a card for tomorrow using the Perhaps set!  So come back tomorrow and see my newbie card! SEEYA!

Happy New Year!!


Candace said...

That robe is CUTE! It looks super soft, too! I'm so glad you had a great Christmas...Happy New Year to you! Looking forward to working with you on the DT! :)

Kris said...

Glad you like the papers. Did you get the new ones from Mom as well? You should be in a creative fever now that you have new papers - ha!

Thanh said...

Holy toledo! Your puppy is growing up fast. He's huge Nicole! LOL