Wednesday, January 13

It's another Whimsie Wednesday!

WHIMSIE DOODLES is hosting another Whimsie Wednesday Challenge at PaperCraftPlanet!  Not to confuse you, but my picture today is for last week's PCP challenge!  HA!  I guess you could say that I am posting a weeeee bit late! 

Well, as they say, Better Late than NEVER, right?  Last week's challenge was hosted by KELLI and she challenged us to KEEP IT REAL!  We were to replace something in our creation with something real!  Well, I couldn't exactly replace the candycane on the Whimsie Turtle image, but I did color the candy cane like the ones that my kids gave to their classmates for Christmas!  So, that works, right? HA!

OH, and if you are wondering, NO, I did not color in over 40 Whimsie images with my Copics!  First, I don't have that much time on my hands and second I wouldn't want to use up all of my Copic ink doing that!  I simply took one image, colored it in, scanned it, brought it into my photo editing software, added the sentiment/text and then made copies of it off of my printer!  From what Eli and KayLee said, their friends all loved the tag and their teachers did too!  SO FUN!

For this week's PaperCraftPlanet challenge which begins today, ALICIA is challenging us to create a WINDOW card!  I have seen some of the designer's cards and they are really fabulous and worth a trip to see them HERE under Challenge #14!!  Hopefully I won't be a full seven days LATE this time! HAHA!

OH, and if you would like to have this image (above) totally and absolutely FREE, all you have to do is join the Whimsie Doodles PaperCraftPlanet group HERE and pick it up!  Doesn't the sentiment remind you of Joey on Friends?  How EWE doin'?  HAHAHA!  I hope to see you there!
Have a super duper day!

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PaperCrafty said...

Super cute project Nicole!! I love how you did the mass production for both Eli and KayLee's classes!! Great idea!!