Wednesday, June 4

501st POST!

WOW, now I know I DO type as much as I talk! HA HA HAAA!

Well, I am barely able to come to the surface for air with (my 18yr old son) Josh being gone! I miss him soooo much! Not just because he is such a great help with the three little ones but because he is just so fun to hang out with and keeps my spirit up throughout a hectic day. I wish he would let loose and let people see him as I do, he is such a genuine person. Anyhoo...

To avoid divulging TMI, I am still having "issues" with my recovery. I will get to you C.S., hopefully today with your promised pics and will try to finish your dangles, Kris, and your bookmark, Mom, and am planning on emailing K in FL and you, too Robbi! UGH! OH, and I still need to head to the postoffice, JenMarie with your freebie, and Helen with your card-swap, so I will attempt to do that this afternoon after we have lunch. {{ I had to stay in bed all night after we came home from KayLee's kindergarten physical (and finger prick; you would think she was stabbed with a knife), so I didn't get what I had planned to get done, DONE. Sorry for the delays, dear Ladies, please know that I am doing the best I can with this recovery. Like I told my friend, Kelly, on the phone last night, it has really been a pain in the ***, ha ha no pun intended!! }} Hang in there with me!

OH and NO I didn't forget about posting the freebie. I will try to do that today, too. I am contemplating not having a freebie anymore, due to the declining interest. That's not to say that I am falling from my #2 ranking, because I am still way up there. I think I have secret supporters that vote everyday and just don't email me for an entry into the freebie drawing because somehow I am still doing well on the chart! THANKS, to whomever you are!!!!! I will wait and see how this freebie does and decide later. I don't want to make any rash decisions because I am feeling under the weather and falling behind in my orders... if you all have any ideas or suggestions about the freebie, please comment or email me!

Have a great day!
I will check back ASAP!


Tiffany Bauer said...

Congrats on so many posts!!! You sure can talk!!!LOL!!!!

No declining interest here with your FREEBIE!!! I just have been so busy but I do want to win one of your AWESOME pieces of art!!!!!

JenMarie said...

NO rush on getting mine to me...YOU REST UP!!
I'm voting but not emailing, especially since I have the most bestest prize coming my way!! :)