Monday, June 9

Questions on the June Freebie

YO! I guess the June Freebie is a HIT since I have had three emails asking about details on it! WOOHOO! I figure answering them publicly might help those out there that don't have time to email or are just wondering about my customization-options. SO HERE YA GO!

OK, first, the necklace itself is a 49 strand, nylon coated beading wire (best for flexibility) with clear high quality glass seed beads strung on it. Yes, believe it or not, there are different qualities of seed beads. These are Delica seed beads and are uniform in color and consistant in size, so it sparkles and wears comfortably. I have a batch of colors to choose from, if clear is just not your thing, so don't worry about that!

YES, second, I can also design this type of necklace with with sterling link chain instead of seed beads, I just wanted to change it up a bit for myself!

Third, YES I will accept custom orders on necklaces like this one. The price will vary depending on the lampwork and type of chain (sterling link will raise the price some over using seed beads), and amount of sterling incorporated into the design, BUT I expect the price would start in the $35.00 range.

Fourth, I have nearly every color of Swarovski Crystal imaginable and available, so YES, I should be able to color-match to a specific attire piece or wardrobe ensemble. You can email me a picture of the item you attempting to coordinate your necklace with and I will email you back my suggested crystal colors for your approval. After that we will discuss your design-desires and I will begin working on your order.

Fifth, customizing to a specific length (to fit a dress or blouse's neckline perfectly) is totally do-able, just find a necklace that you already have that has a length that works for you and measure it's entire length (unclasped) and give me that measurement. OR you can use a shoelace or string of sort and wrap it around until it falls where you want it to hang and then measure that length. Just remember that your necklace will have this dangle-pendant and so the necklace will actually need to be a tad shorter so that the dangle will not hang too low into your cleavage line, poor little beads could suffocate! HA HA!

Sixth, matching earrings ARE an option! From simple ($8.00) to sophisticated ($28.00), give me your style and length and color choices and I will make them work for you!
If I get any more questions, I will answer them HERE!
Thanks so much for the compliments and questions regarding my designs!!

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