Sunday, June 15

Get'R Done!

In honor of Father's Day, I would like to share some pictures that my father sent me just last night. He is in a photography club and went out scouting for barns. He came upon this one and took a picture. He then got closer to see what it was made of or what type of paint it was covered in because it seemed to be falling off....

Can you tell yet???
What are those things??

YEP, some one Got'R done with License plates! Apparently Tennessee has a bunch of cars running around without them, ha ha! What I found interesting is that if you look closely, some of the license plates are numerically in order!! GEEZ, some people have Sooo much time on their hands!

Great pictures, DAD!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful excursion with us!
Happy Father's Day!

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KJ said...

Oh, now that is way stinkin' cool!!!!! Awesome photos, DAD!! ;)