Friday, June 27

More, EVEN MORE Lampwork!!

HOWDY and Good Morning, People!

I forgot to let you all know that I have TONS of lampwork headed your way! Enough for about 15 bracelets and some matching necklaces and KeyBlings (keychains, for you newbie readers)! I am so excited!

Although I am enjoying my kids very very much this summer, and all in all, they were pretty well-behaved this past month, I almost can't wait to start working more when they get back in school! We start school back up in mid-August, so I will be able to really concentrate and tackle the artisan line, as well as have more time to be paper-creative! WOOHOO!

Ok, that is all for now! I just had to update ya on the lampwork 'cuz what is cookin' is AWESOME! I am off to finish packing for the weekend-crop I am headed to, so I should be pretty absent until Sunday, unless I find access to a computer! I will try to check back before I leave today, though. WHO KNOWS, since all my scrappin' stuff is packed, I just might have to whip out the sterling and lampwork and work on something new still today!!!

Enjoy the day!

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