Friday, June 20

Lights OUT!

Our 10% chance of rain ended up giving us 100% Power Outage! We were without electricity for almost 1 1/2 hours! SO, of course I whipped out the camera to try the candle-light setting. I lit these candles in the kitchen, even though it wasn't totally dark by 9:15pm. Yeah, I know, past 9pm and it's still light out!

The second pic is of Scott and Isaac enjoying some electricity-free activity (by candlelight) with the battery powered laptop and Isaac's rechargeable VSmile game. AND, like I said, look outside! It is still pretty light out, but that doesn't keep us from putting the kids to bed. Eli and KayLee actually slept through the whole storm, even the lightening that was apparently close enough to make us lose power for quite awhile. Isaac had a nap late in the afternoon, so he wasn't quite ready for bed yet.

My camera's time is off by an hour, if you were wondering. It is still on central time, I have yet to figure out how to change it back to eastern! UGH! I have looked and looked and pressed every button on that thing, but still it has escaped me and won't show up!


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KJ said...

Yeah, that was crazy stuff that evening! oh, and my computer time is off, too, for some odd reason. I keep changing it to the correct time zone, but it keeps changing back!!! Oh, and I LOVE that it's still light out so late! I'm going to miss that when it's gone!