Monday, June 16

Good Morning, DEER!

I just had to share what I saw this morning! YEP, a cute little doe under the apple tree in my backyard. Our lot backs up to some woods that are surrounded by streets upon streets of housing, so it is always neat to find deer meandering around in the yard. It must have some type of taste-disorder to be wanting to eat those tart apples that are obviously not ready to eat yet! I can't believe that my hubby didn't SHOO them away as he was leaving for work after I told him about it.

{ OH, yeah, I said "THEM" because there was actually a little baby deer off to the right behind the shed in this picture having her morning apple-breakfast, too. I couldn't get a picture of both without going outside and exposing my neighbors to my frightful hair-do from just waking up; and I would have just ended up scaring them off anyway! }

My hubby was apparently okay with them stealing apples, and I guess he was assuming that I would keep watch so they didn't eat out of the garden which is closer to the house. There's not much to eat in there anyway, just some flowering tomato and cucumber plants. The watermelon cantalope, zucchini, radishes, lettuce and carrots are just sprouting. We got a late start this year. Oh, and we do have a nice row of corn growing and we planted another yesterday in hopes of getting another meal or two of corn on the cob out of the BBQ grill. You have never seen kids eat corn on the cob like my children; they are like mini-typewriters gone wild! HA HA!

Catch ya later with another card!

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