Saturday, June 21

K's Garage Sale GOLD!

A couple of my friends had a garage sale yesterday, and I found quite a few outfits for my KayLee. I usually don't DO garage sales, I just think it is too much work to go from sale to sale, spending money on gas in HOPES of finding good stuff.

BUT, I have to admit that they had some great pickin's for KayLee. Mostly I picked up clothes for fall, since KayLee will be starting Kindergarten and will need some good clothes for school; but I also picked up this cute outfit that belonged to Tiffany's Jordan first. I bet Jordan looked just as cute as K does in this outfit!

She thought she won the lottery when I came home with all these clothes! Thanks for the great deals, Tiffany and Kelly!



Tiffany Bauer said...

Doesn't Kaylee look soooo cute!!!!! I hope she enjoys her new clothes!!!

KJ said...

She looks good in the outfit!! Can't wait to see her in her fall clothes you got her!