Thursday, June 12


I spent the evening with the scrap-girls making some last minute cards... SO, uh Dad, when you read this, know that I DID think of you DAYS BEFORE Father's Day and that it is of course the United States Postal Service that made your card late YET AGAIN!!!!

{do ya'll think he's buying it??} ;o)

I worked on the house today, the cleaning is WAYYYYYY behind, and I started getting the online store ready for it's big Grand Opening!!! YEAH, you heard it! The store should be open soon! I am aiming for the end of the month, so let's see what happens. I really do hope to get it going soon, but with four kids you can just never tell what is going to happen next around here; SO, let's keep our fingers (and toes) crossed!

Oh, and I got my second shipment of COPICS today. I have two full racks of these lovely sketch markers and am SUPAH DUPAH HAPPY! I will post a picture of them tomorrow for those of you who care to see that type of thing. I am going to seriously hit the paper hard with these suckers and make some FAB-U-LOUS things!

And IF you were wondering, YES ~ The online store IS going to have a paper-craft section, as well! WOOHOO! Some items will be already made for purchase AND others will be Custom examples that you can order similar items from. WHEEE!

I am too pooped to poop, so I better head to bed! I hope everyone is doing well and having a wonderful summer so far like I AM!


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